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Acrylic Paints

Acrylic Paints

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Acrylic paints for modelling

Acrylic paints are the most commonly used paints in modelling and model making, especially when applied with an airbrush to create unique and impressive figures and scenery. They are water-based (not oil or enamel based) so they can be diluted with water as well as master medium or specific acrylic thinner for airbrushing.  A great advantage of this type of paint is that its thinners are less harmful and less toxic than oil or enamel thinners.

Model paints are one of the most sought-after paints because of their many benefits and advantages and, above all, because of their wide variety of colours. The best presentation will be the dropper bottles with a steel ball inside which allows the quantity to be dispensed onto the paint palette or wet palette in the desired amount. The mixing ball inside the can, present in all the GSW range of paints, facilitates the mixing of the pigments in those cases where there may be some sedimentation.

Characteristics of acrylic paints

This type of paint consists of weathering or natural pigments suspended in a polymer emulsion, which creates a realistic and unique effect, similar to that created by watercolours or oils on a canvas but on a miniature, model or diorama. Its characteristics are inimitable and have exclusive advantages, such as: 

Fast drying

Those who are involved in modelling know that there is nothing more boring than waiting and watching the figures dry. Once they are ready, we can't wait to use them! But with some types of paint, this can take several days. Thanks to acrylic paints this is not a problem, as they dry to the touch in a few minutes. However, keep in mind that it will take 20 to 24 hours to reach their full strength.

They are water resistant

Although it is a type of paint that can be thinned with water to varying degrees, once dry it is completely water resistant and will not cause damage. However, some people recommend diluting with other colours, pastes or homemade solvents for special effects. 

Easy to clean

Painting the figures can be exciting, but picking everything up is not so exciting.

Acrylic paints are very easy to clean and all traces of airbrush and brushes can be removed with soap and water. It is also possible to use alcohol, or your own cleaners such as Airbrush Cleaner or Paint Remover from Green Stuff World, which will be very effective. 

They are less toxic

There are many types of acrylic paints made from natural pigments that contain fewer chemicals than other types of oil or synthetic paints. Whatever type of paint you use, take the necessary measures such as painting with good ventilation and using filter masks if necessary.

Can be applied perfectly with a hobby brush

Some people claim that acrylic paints should only be applied with an airbrush. However, this is not entirely true, because if you do not dilute the paint, or if you are using a slightly diluted version, you can paint with a paintbrush perfectly well, obtaining very fine and detailed results. 

If you prefer airbrushing, acrylic paints are also suitable, but only if the texture is similar to milk. You should dilute acrylic paint, both metallic and non-metallic artistic until it reaches a milky texture. A trick is to always put the thinner into the airbrush before the paint. This will prevent clogging in the airbrush.

There is a wide variety

A wide variety of colours and finishes can be found, which offers an open world of possibilities for your figures and scenery. The most popular finish for models, dioramas or even nativity scenes will be the matt finish. If you don't have this effect, you can rectify your paint finish with our varnish Ultramate - Maxx Matt.

They are cheap

When compared to other types of paints, we realise that acrylic paints stand out for their price, which is lower and makes them advantageous for the final quality. 

In our online shop, you will find a wide range of acrylic paints of excellent quality to use with a paintbrush or airbrush and give a unique style to your figures and miniatures.