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UV resin Curing Chamber

UV resin Curing Chamber

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UV Curing Chamber

A UV curing chamber is a device that houses curing lamps. The chamber is designed to provide a controlled environment for UV curing, where the material being cured is exposed to the ultraviolet light from the lamp. Ultraviolet drying technology offers many benefits over traditional drying methods, such as faster drying times, lower energy consumption, and a reduction in VOC emissions.

If you're in the printing industry, you know that this technology is essential for a successful and efficient operation. A chamber is a perfect solution for any user looking to maximize their home production capabilities while ensuring quality standards are met.

The essential accessory to cure your UV resin-printed miniatures.

In order to professionally finish your resin-printed models and figures, you will need an ultraviolet drying lamp. This is an essential accessory that will help you to properly cure your prints and achieve the best results.

A UV curing chamber is designed to emit high-intensity UV light, which is necessary to cure some resins. These chambers are typically used in industrial applications, but they can also be used for home use. There are many different types and sizes of chambers available on the market, so you will need to choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Once it is set up, you will place your ultraviolet resin prints inside the chamber and close the door. The ultraviolet light will then cure the UV resin, and your prints will be ready to use.

Mirror acrylic structure for UV Curing

For uniform curing, the chamber size and shape, as well as the distance between the lamp and the product, are critical design considerations. 

A typical chamber has two lamps placed on opposite sides of the product to be cured and some kind of rotary mechanism. The placement of these lamps, as well as the type of reflectors used, will determine how evenly the ultraviolet light is distributed throughout the curing chamber.

It has been shown that this rotating system is not completely efficient since the light emission points are fixed while the figure rotates, always leaving areas without exposure.

On the contrary, the 360º surround reflection mirror system, like the one incorporated in the GSW ultraviolet lamp, is designed to provide a uniform light distribution across the entire surface of the product being cured. It is much more effective than natural sunlight and other systems, since it reaches all the places on the piece, no matter how hidden they are.

Valid for SLA/DLP/LCD resins

Valid for SLA/DLP/LCD resins:

  • Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing technology uses a UV laser to cure and solidify a photopolymer resin layer by layer.
  • Digital light processing (DLP) projects light through a digital mirror device onto a build plate, where it cures photosensitive resin one layer at a time.
  • Liquid crystal display (LCD) technology is similar to DLP but uses an LCD panel instead of a digital mirror device to control the light exposure on the build plate.

Ultraviolet curing lamp

An ultraviolet lamp in a desk or table format is a compact and portable lamp designed for use in small-scale or on-the-go applications. This type of UV curing lamp can be placed on a flat surface, such as a desk or table, and is often used for smaller tasks with modeling resins, such as water effects for dioramas, jewelry, crafts, or even nail gels. Some features of these lamps in this format may include adjustable intensity and timer settings, compact size for easy storage, and LED technology for reduced energy consumption.